How to enter embedded code for Youtube Video in your sales-ad.

Before you start to embed a video you should consider to get your own personal Youtube channel.

It is easy and you get the opportunity to create links to your own store here at Reptibug.
Links to your store give you better positions in search-engines as long it is links of good quality.


Dont let the video link to your sales-ad, because one day you have sold your item and then your sales-ad will stop.
When people click the link at your video they will get a 404 - page not found. 
Instead send people to the category where your have placed your item for sale so they can see all your sales-ads for that kind of items.

Enter embedded code for your Youtube video to your sales-ad at ReptiBug.

  1. Open the video you want in your sales-ad.
  2. Click share below the video.
  3. How to share your Youtube Video on ReptiBug
  4. Click Embed
  5. How to share your Youtube Video on ReptiBug
  6. You can now see the code you need to embed your video for your sales-ad.
  7. Click Copy
  8. How to share your Youtube Video on ReptiBug
  9. Now you can enter your ReptiBug Account and start making your sales-ad.
  10. Scroll down to Media.
  11. Right click and copy in the field for the embedded code.
  12. Click Add
  13. How to share your Youtube Video on ReptiBug
  14. Finish the rest of your sales-ad.
  15. Click Proceed at the bottom.
  16. Congrats you have now embedded your video for your sales-ad and added a link to your store here at ReptiBug.