Luxury russian night clubs that you should visit in 2021

Luxury Russian night clubs that you should visit in 2021

You know they say, the colder the place the hotter the vibes! This goes the same with the night clubs. Have you ever wondered why places like Dubai emphasize offering Russian themed nightclubs? It’s because of the reason I just mentioned. Everyone knows that Russia’s nightlife thrives on freshly brewed beer, local vodka, interesting gigs, and attractive blondes. Just imagine it all in Dubai and you have a chance to enjoy it all on your trip. Interested? Let us tell you all about the Russian night clubs in Dubai. 

Muscovites – Russian Night Club in Dubai

When looking for a Russian-themed night club in Dubai, there couldn’t be any place better than Muscovites. From Russian ladies to Russian drinks and food, they have it all there. There are discounted drinks and food available for the ladies at ladies night on dedicated days. Even though it is a Russian themed night club in Dubai, it offers shisha and an excellent collection of drinks to choose from. There are nights when the DJ plays bollywood songs and people dance the night away at the dance bar. During these days many interesting ladies from India visit Muscovites and it’s a nice place to hook up with these beauties. The drinks at the bar never stop flowing and you can always order your favorite beer any time. There are also special performances at the private tables and you can easily book them online. 

Rasputin – Russian Night Club in Dubai

Housed within the Al Sarab Hotel Dubai, this chic and modern venue features regal decor that sets the scene for clubbing on a whole new level. If you are in Dubai to party, Rasputin will take you to the nightclubs in Russia and offer you the best you can expect. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy exciting night entertainment, belly dance shows, excellent beats spinned by the DJs, and interesting drinks to make their stay in Dubai a memory to remember. This night club is located on the ground floor of the hotel and it makes sure that every night there is truly unforgettable! YOu can visit this night club in Dubai from 12:00 PM until 6:00 AM and forget all about your stress and sorrows.

CZAR – Russian Night Club in Dubai

You read the name! And it’s the name of the game! Czar Russian Restaurant & Night club in Dubai offers you the best experiences of Russian nightlife in Dubai. With singers, live band, and jaw-dropping dancers’ performances this night club in Dubai will leave you with absolutely no regrets. Enjoy a wide range of beverages and wash away your stress like never before. This is also a great place to enjoy some great time with friends or celebrate an event.

Czar combines an amazing atmosphere with a careful blend of live entertainment and exotic drinks for the party people to enjoy. The night club comes with a stylish atmosphere and the special lighting effects here truly makes a special night out for you and your friends. Enjoy delicious cocktails and a selection of beverages at Czar. This night club is located on the Ground Floor of the Capitol Hotel and opens daily from 07:00 P.M. to 03:00 A.M.