How do I make a sale-ad

You have to login to members area and click sell at top of the website.

How do I become a member

You click at Sign Up and fill in your personal information as name, address etc.

How much does a membership cost

Nothing, it's free.

Do I have to open a Free Store if I want to make a sales-ad

No you dont have to, but with a Free Store you can make a nice presention of whom you are with the use of a picture or logo and a discription of yourself and your hobby. This give your customers a better way to know you.

I need more sales-ad for my free store

Then you have to start paying for a featured store. This can easily be done when you are logged in to members area.

Is there any benefits if I start paying for a featured store

There are several different stores you can chose from, all with benefits as featured store.
If you upgrade your store you are allowed to have more sales-ads for a small fee per month.
This is a very cheap solution for you to get your own webshop, even as a parttime webshop, next to your ordinary work.
Here at ReptiBug we will also promote our members and their sales-ads online, but only those members that have upgraded their store to a featured store.

How can I make my sales-ad more visible for a buyer

There are severals things you can do. You can make your sales-ad featured on the frontpage, or in the category where you have listed your item. You can also use colored background for your sales-ad.

How many pictures can I have for my sales-ads

You can have tree picture for your ad. You are allowed to have more pictures but have to pay a small fee for it. You can also have a video for your item if you want to. 

I miss a category for a sales-ad

We always keep an open eye for the categories. When we notice there's a lot of sales-ads with identical animals, we will considered making a new category so buyers have a better overview of all the animals there's for sale. If you think it's time for a new category please contact us with your suggestion and we will have it in our consideration.