Things to consider before hiring an agency for your web design & development project

Things to consider before hiring an agency for your web design & development project

Your business website does more than just provide basic information about your business, it plays a major role in your business growth. From boosting your brand image to bringing new business, you have a lot to gain from your website provided it strikes that perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. 

Website development requires constant coordination between the design, development, and content team. Unless you are a fully functional software house that frequently gets web development projects, it’s impractical to hire such a team for a one-time project. This leaves you with the only option of getting website design services from a reputed agency.

The question is, how to decide which agency to hire when all of them claim to be the best at what they do? Here are some key factors that you should consider before hiring an agency to design and develop your business website.

Be clear in your brief 

Just like with a construction project, your website project also needs detailed planning before its execution. Nobody understands your business better than you so it’s important that you take the reins and explain precisely what you want, to the agency you are planning to hire. Only then would they be able to offer their technical insights. You could hire the best web development agency in the UAE or your respective region, it would still not be able to do its job if it won’t have a clear brief from your end.

There might be some technical limitations that could require you to alter your predetermined design but make sure that your agency can handle all the requirements you have listed down for your website.

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Check the portfolio 

Any reputed agency with a decent experience in the market would have a portfolio that can be verified. This would help you figure if the agency you are interviewing is capable enough. While some agencies have a portfolio that’s limited to some specialized industries, others cater to all the industries across the board. You would be better off hiring an agency that has a prior experience in your industry. 

What you need to avoid is individual freelancers and agencies who claim to have an extensive experience in this particular domain but in reality they are not that old and have limited experience. You can judge a lot about an agency by simply checking out its portfolio. Giving your website to an incapable agency could spell disaster. 

Cost analysis

Once you have narrowed your hunt down by shortlisting the agencies that you believe are capable of developing your website, then comes the price negotiation. You are going to want to stay within your budget so try to go with an agency that offers the most value for your money. Some agencies offer free hosting services and while others might offer you free support for a year or two. 

Get multiple quotations and proposals from different agencies to see which agency is offering you the best package.

Process and deadlines

You are losing a huge number of visitors and potential business each day your website is down. The last thing you want is unnecessary delays. Some agencies have lengthy processes that delay the project. It’s important to know what approach the agency you are hiring follows regarding processes. Instead of waiting for the whole project to complete by its deadline, it’s a good idea to assign multiple deadlines for different milestones which makes it easier to monitor the whole project as it progresses.

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