Virtual Assistants Services: Advantages For Small Businesses

Virtual Assistants Services has become an integral part of today’s businesses. Statistics show that 95% of companies in the US and Europe do not have any employees at all. They certainly are, but so are there several good reasons why most business owners and entrepreneurs around the globe flock to such premium and reliable virtual assistants services such as Time Inc, Global Virtual Assistance Inc, etc:

Virtual Assistants Services

Time is a commodity, and business owners have lost sight of how important this is in today’s globalized and highly competitive market. If you think about it, the internet boom of the late 90s changed the landscape of how people worked and the way they got their jobs done – and for the better. However, if you also think about the fact that almost every single person can find several online resources to do tasks such as bookkeeping, data entry, typing, transcription, and general administrative tasks, then you also see how time has become a non-valued asset.

This is where virtual assistants, online resources, and social media management tools come into play. The best of these three actually help entrepreneurs work smarter, not harder. The best virtual assistants are able to perform the tasks that would consume both your time and mental energy. You can find many smart business owners outsourcing administrative tasks such as data entry, proofreading, designing layout and copywriting, marketing research, and writing content from their home or anywhere in the world. Most entrepreneurs even outsourced their social media management and social media presence tasks to virtual assistants who are more than capable to handle their online presence and customer service requirements.

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Social media management is one of the most crucial aspects of successful entrepreneurship and is usually handled by assistant (if not, by full-time staff). In fact, most successful entrepreneurs would rather outsource most of the administrative tasks like paying bills, writing emails, managing their online and social media presence, hiring contractors for different tasks, and so much more. And with the growing popularity and success of the Internet, many new online entrepreneurs would rather outsource most of the task they are not good at, thereby saving them valuable time and resources.

However, there are also downsides to outsourcing. One of the major disadvantages for entrepreneurs is its effect on the ego. Since you will be handing off most of your responsibilities to another person, it may leave you feeling like you have been outsourced all the time. Some virtual assistants are known to overcharge their clients; which may end up leaving their clients frustrated and displeased.

Another disadvantage of outsourcing is the time factor. Although many of the tasks offered by freelance virtual assistants are very easy to perform, such as answering emails, posting blogs, participating in discussions, and similar tasks; but when you compare those tasks to the time you are spending in daily routine activities, it can really make a big difference in the quality of your work. For instance, most business owners say that they could save a lot of time if they could hire only six virtual assistants for a month instead of seven or eight.

The good news is that many small businesses find ways to use the advantages and benefits of virtual assistants effectively. A small business owner may use the services of a virtual assistant to help them with some administrative tasks like managing the company’s blog. Many small entrepreneurs also hire virtual assistants to help them with small business blogging, article submission, and press release writing tasks. And there are also a lot of innovative entrepreneurs who actually hire virtual assistants to do some of their personal assistant tasks, like shopping, data entry, and so on.

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In general, it is highly recommended for entrepreneurs to take the time to evaluate what their outsourcing needs are and to decide whether they should outsource to virtual assistants, or if they should develop their own in-house department. As a matter of fact, many successful entrepreneurs say that the benefits of having a virtual assistant are so great that it is better to let them handle these types of tasks rather than developing an in-house department. After all, these tasks can easily be outsourced, and the time and effort spent developing a department may not yield any results at all. Keep in mind that most successful entrepreneurs have multiple virtual assistants for different tasks, and they are happy because they are able to delegate their non-core tasks to the assistants instead.